Sunday, January 29, 2023

Genesis Release Version 1.3.662

We very much hope that our current Genesis testers will continue to use the Nightly Builds. It is thanks to their testing that we can find and fix issues quickly. Those on the Nightly build will always get features and fixes quicker than the Releases.  This release build is identical to the Nightly build of the same number.

Genesis Viewer, Third Release 1.3.662

Please see the videos associated with this new release if you are updating from 1.2.594:  (Jan 29,2023)


Quick Preferences icon which was just another arrow on the UI now carries the Genesis logo.
The "Genesis Button" bottom right, will launch Quick Preferences for easier navigation. 

Added change Toolbar Options to Quick Preferences.

Added Preferences short-cut to Quick Preferences for newer residents.

Ability to drag and drop tabs in communications floater, so you can prioritise open IM's.

Added Teleport Home button. See options in (Genesis button) Quick Preferences > 'Change Toolbar buttons'.  4th check box down says "TP Home".  Enable or Disable.  TP home honours your setting for WarnTeleportFromLandmark, ie whether or not to confirm TP first. 

Choose Who to render from Preferences > Genesis > Adv. Features.
Choose to render only you,  only you and your friends, only avatars below a certain complexity, or everyone.

Ability to IM yourself for keeping notes and pasting Slurls for immediate or later use.  To IM yourself, use the up arrow next to the communications button and choose IM Myself. 

Ability to delay UI Tooltips in preferences before hints are displayed.  Prefs > Genesis > Advanced : Tooltip delay.

Ability to search group names from group floater (works the same way as searching friends).


Show/Broadcast selection beam particles is disabled by default for your privacy.  (Top menu > Tools)

Moved WASD options to Prefs > Input > Input and Movement.  Special note:  with WASD disabled, typing opens the bottom chat bar.  For those of you who do not use the bottom chat bar, leave WASD enabled, and you can still use the keyboard arrow keys to move.

Camera constraints now default to off.


Fixed: Alphabetical sorting for contact sets.

Fixed: Inherited bug: Friendship requests from muted avatars are no longer displayed.

Fixed: Inherited bug: Using Ctrl-x to cut an item from inventory in a new inventory window caused a viewer crash.  Also 'cut' items no longer go to trash.


Removed inherited, ludicrous debug where the viewer is timed to crash after specified time.

Removed long forgotten routines to optimise code.

Removed the deprecated Web search options that are no longer used as SL returns to Legacy style.

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