Reporting a Bug

Please note, that before you report a bug, it should be reproducible.  

This means that you need to check that it is not merely a one-off session problem, an unstable internet connection,  or the SL grid having issues.

Also, please check the Grid Status for issues that might also be contributing to your problem.

Once we receive your report saying that you can reproduce the problem on a fresh session, we will try the same procedure as you, to reproduce the error for ourselves.

When we can reproduce a problem, it is deemed as a bug and at that point, we will look for remedial action.

If a problem is intermittent, please keep your genesis logs of each session it happens on and when you  have 3 logs over a reasonable time, please send them to us.  Issues are much easier to locate, if you log off immediately after the problem and put that log file in a safe place.

It helps everyone, if you can reproduce an issue, before reporting it.

Procedure for reporting a Bug in Genesis Viewer

- Log out of the viewer.  Keep a copy of the most recent Genesis(date).log file and drag it to your desktop. Reboot your computer.

- Launch the viewer and next to where you put your name and password, use the option where it says Region and enter the name of a region different to the one you were experiencing issues on.  (We suggest Sandra, but any region not directly connected to the one you were using, that has reasonable and not heavy use is also okay to use, but please login to that region directly).

- You need to be able to reproduce your issue there.   This is likely proof of a viewer bug and not a region bug.

- If you can reproduce the problem, log out, and copy your latest Genesis log file to your desktop.

Your log files will probably contain information pertaining to the event.  

If you would care to share your log file with the Developers, here is what you need to do before you relaunch the viewer.  

Navigate to c:\user\yourpcname\appdata\roaming\genesis-eve-test\logs  and find genesis.(date)log. Grab  and drag it to desktop.  

Right click and open it in notepad and check for any personal information that you do not wish to share.   Typically this is when you named your PC with your RL name.   Feel free to 'search and replace' any information like that with something else.  

Send us an email

1. Please be sure to say what the issue is.

2. What you were attempting to do.

3. What you were expecting to happen and what actually happened.

4. Attach your log file(s) to the email.

The more information you give about a reproducible bug, the quicker it is for us to locate the issue. 

Please email it to genesisviewer (at) gmail (dot) com.   

We delete logs once they have been reviewed.   

Thank you for helping make Genesis even better.

Footnote:  For more help about bug reporting see the SL procedure  here but of course, send your reports about Genesis to the Genesis team.  Linden Lab only undertakes corrective work on their own Second Life Viewer.

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