Monday, August 1, 2022

Genesis Viewer

August 12, 2022

- Favourite bar re-ordering will now persist through sessions.
- Requested: Keyword alert colour now overrides contact set colour in chat.
- 'Open (inventory) in new window' now remembers its position like main inventory.
- Profile location on screen will now remember its position upon relog.
- Added keyword alert default sound (can be changed in prefs).

August 10, 2022

- Detect Cuda compatible GPU and use nvJPEG2000 instead of OpenJpeg
- added preview jpeg for GenX skin

August 9, 2022

- Fixed Bulk uploads (inherited).

August 8, 2022

- Fixed: Group notices not appearing in pop-up
- Fixed: inventory links that are not being worn, show in thin italic
- Fixed: join Genesis button now moves with the rest of the floater
- Fixed: profile default made wider so you no longer need to scroll
- Favourites bar will adjust length based on how many LM's you have (within reason).
- Removed local chat message for joining genesis.  invasive.
- 2nd Life and 1st Life in profile bar renamed SL and RL respectively.  Kinder to profile floater.
- debug LinksForChattingObjects set to 2 (for new users, existing, please change this manually).
- always underline clickable links is now the default GenesisAlwaysUnderlineLinks

August 6, 2022

- Added button on chat bar to invite users who are new to Genesis, to join the support group.
- Aware that you still need to scroll on profile floater for notes box.  Fixing this weekend.

August 5, 2022

- New user first install will pop up invite to join in-world Genesis group.
- Auto close invitation floater if already in group.

August 4, 2022

- Profiles will remember where you want them to open and will also cascade if you have multiple ones open

August 3, 2022

- GenX Teal bespoke skin added

- Replace gDirUtilp->getDireDelimeter by LL_DIR_DELIM_STR
for performance reasons, it's better to compute this at compile time

July 31, 2022

- Updated Vivox lib to 4.10

July 30, 2022

- Inventory should accept and show EEP settings

July 29, 2022

New Feature: Context menu for TP favourites
- gaps in AR categories
- Group notice should be ascending order
- RLV off by default
- snapshot floater width
- reset TP on fail
- Contact Sets floating name can be disabled
- Inventory should accept and list EEP settings
July 28, 2022
 - New Feature Favourites Bar Contents of favourite folder now displayed at the top of the screen for TPs.  Drag and drop to rearrange.

July 24, 2022

We are ready to start inviting you to use this viewer.
- New Feature Contact Sets -   Colour them how you like, add, remove people etc.  The colour you choose will show when they type in local or IM to you.  Their avatar tag will also show in the colour you choose.

June / July 2022
- Went through all debug settings to change defaults to the 20th century and not treat everyone as if they have a 20 year old computer!    If your computer is this side of 10 years old, most of the debugs should now be correct.

- Cleaned up/Removed some horrible old code we inherited from Snowglobe.

- Maximum Av default is 16.  When set much lower, the constant swapping in and out of imposters degrades frame rate more than that drawing in avatars properly.

- BackgroundYieldTime.  check this out, its how much time you permit to processing when the viewer is out of focus (in the background). A lower value will significantly speed up your PC when the viewer is not in focus. This is now set to 10 (percent) but if you run 2 screens and want the viewer to be smoother (ie more frame updates) out of focus, adjust this upwards, between 25 and 40.

- Inworld help group has a tick box, so when using the group chat, it can be set to display the version you are on.

- New Feature:  From Prefs > Genesis >  Tags Colors you can set the viewer to automatically color other users for whom you have written profile notes on.  This is a great lazy option for people who do not want or do not need to create contact sets.

- We're all grown ups,  changed initial defaults to show mature and adult places and events.  You can always turn this off it if bothers you.

- Render Volume LOD default changes from 20 year old computer 1.125 to 10 year old computer 2.50.
If your PC was made this century, suggest you set it to around 3.50 to enjoy better quality meshes.

- Removed lots of gunk relating to OpenSim to optimize code for Second Life.

- All roads lead to roam.   With so many viewers you need to be in a specific floater to perform moderation/zoom etc tasks.   With Genesis, the same context menus open if you right click the user name, whether it is in Sound Explorer, Radar, Chat etc etc.  Much easier!

- Zoom on user from all menus.

-  Prefs > Network.   Try ticking "Unlimited Bandwidth" and see how you get on with it.  We cannot see any evidence to support the need to throttle your connection to SL, unless you are on shared or slow internet.  SL servers are throttled their end anyway, so no need to do it your end too.   Check CTL+Shift+1 and see if you are dropping packets.  If you are, then you may need to set the bandwidths manually.  Start at 5k and work your way down.

- Classic Skin.  Genesis will in time have its own unique skin in addition to the default original 1.23 skin.  However, we cannot make this new skin until we finishing improving and adding features.. so for now enjoy the classic skin.

- Opened in-world group and also a discord group for those who would like to get on board and help us with feedback from the user perspective.


Blazingly Fast, Low Memory Footprint, Feature Packed, High Performance, Legacy Viewer, Perfect for Laptops.

Genesis is a feature packed Windows based 1.23 viewer for Second Life.
It offers feature rich functionality, never seen before in other legacy viewers, whilst preserving lightening speed and low memory footprint, making this viewer the perfect solution for laptops.
This viewer is currently in Beta phase and we are eager for your help in testing its reliability and functionality and feeding back to the group.

The current flavour is EVE.  This denotes Beta Testing phase.   ADAM, its forerunner has retired.


Download the newest version here:

There is a migration tool available to copy your settings from any Genesis stable release, to a nightly tester release if you fancy dipping in and out of Beta Testing.   To copy your settings download the latest App here and remember to right click it and "run as Admin" to update your settings.

There is an In-world Genesis group that can be joined via the viewer:   Help > Genesis Group, the group is also available here: secondlife:///app/group/19cdbd96-8581-b2b2-1f5a-626ae275d54f/about

We also have a discord group for those wishing to help us develop or test.  Please contact Torric Rodas for more information.

Genesis Viewer

August 12, 2022 - Favourite bar re-ordering will now persist through sessions. - Requested: Keyword alert colour now overrides contact set c...