Sunday, January 29, 2023

Change Log R3

Genesis:  A high performance, low memory footprint 1.23 style, Third Party Viewer for Windows 10/11.

An active participant in Linden Lab's  Second Life, Third Party Viewer program.

Januaury 30, 2023 (662) RELEASE  and (662 Nightly)

- Reverted changes made to LSL2 style scripting, but default still remains compile in mono as LSL2 will go away in time.

January 29, 2023 (659)  (Release Candidate 2)

- Added Shortcut in Quick Prefs to Main Prefs.  When in doubt, the user can press the Genesis key and it will take them where then need to go..

January 28, 2023 (655)

- Landmarks folder can now be popped up by adding "Landmarks" to the tool bar via Quick Prefs.
- Add shortcut to Favorites folder 'True' by default on new install. Disable via Quick Prefs, Tools.
- Privacy: ShowSelectionBeam set to off.  Don't broadcast particle line when you select or inspect.
- Added a page to this blog explaining storing Cache in RAM

January 26, 2023 (650)

- Reviewed credits in 'About > Genesis'  prior to Release

January 25, 2023 (648)  (Release Candidate 1)

- New Feature: Ability to drag and drop tabs in communications floater to organise them. 
- TP Home on toolbar follows global debug rule of WarnTeleportFromLandmark user preference.
- Removed deprecated LSL2 non-mono option in script editor and prefs.

January 23, 2023 (641) 

- Added show Toolbar selection in Quick Preferences
- Quick Prefs icon changed to Genesis logo.  Easier to explain where QP's are located for support.
- Go Home button added to tool bar (to disable, go to Quick Prefs > toolbar and uncheck TP Home).

January 22, 2023 (636)

- New feature: Prefs > Genesis > Adv. Features > Who to render, All, friends and/or by complexity. 
- New feature: Ability to IM yourself to paste slurls & notes etc (Comms button ^ bottom left toolbar)
- New feature: Prefs > UI tool tip delay for preferences menu (not hover tips in-world)
- Removed: "xxxxxx" ludicrous debug that forces a crash after x secs with debug setting that persists!

January 15, 2023 (620)

- New feature: Search group names from group floater.
- New feature: Ability to ding-ding on open IM's from friends. Prefs > Text Chat : A friend IM always dings
- Offer Genesis group once, on first session when build number is higher than previous version.
- Unravelling spaghetti, removing long forgotten unused values from settings.xml

January 8, 2023 (612)

- Only change is the insertion of a hover tip, located in Prefs > Input > Input & Movement:  WASD 

It reads:  "With WASD disabled, typing letters open the bottom chat bar.  For those of you who do not use the bottom chat bar, leaves WASD enabled. You can still use arrow keys to move.

We believe that we have made WASD as straight forward as we can, but recognise that some users will still not understand this and will need assistance from those of you who do. Thank you for helping.

January 7, 2023 (611)

- Fixed: Preference option "Input and Camera" is now "Input".

January 7, 2023 (610)

Change to Preferences UI

A major stumbling block for new users wanting to use WASD is in finding the badly phrased, strangely located option in Preferences > Text, which pertains to movement.

- Change to Preferences > Input & Camera, now under the umbrella of "Input".  Inside this setting are two tabs:  Input/Movement and Camera Options.  This should greatly simplify enabling WASD for movement instead of keyboard arrow keys.

Note: with WASD disabled, typing opens the bottom chat bar.  For those of you who do not use the bottom chat bar, leave WASD enabled, and you can still use the keyboard arrow keys to move.

January 4, 2023 (606)

- Added alphabetical sorting for contact sets.

- Web Search was deprecated and is now removed from UI with debug set false.

- Friendship requests from muted should not be displayed. 

January 2, 2023 (600)

- Added search ability to Teleport history.

- Fixed (inherited): Using Ctrl-x to cut an item from inventory in a new inventory window caused a viewer crash.

- Cut items no longer go to trash.

 December 18, 2022  (596)

- Camera Constraint set to false by default.

- Internal setting to create next round of viewer updates.

Genesis Change Log R9

An active participant in Second Life's Third Party Viewer Program.