Thursday, February 9, 2023

Genesis becomes first Third Party Viewer to fully implement Group IM History

 On Tuesday, Linden Lab announced:

The Second Life viewer and servers have added a feature for group chat, providing recent message history. 

Have you ever logged into Second Life and your group chat opens with the punchline of a joke? Now you’ll be able to read back and see what it was. The chat servers save messages from the last hour, so you won’t miss what’s happening.

A viewer update is required to use this new feature, and will be part of a future release.

Genesis Viewer is pleased to announce that we are the first TPV to have this feature fully implemented from our Nightly Build, 689 onwards.

Opening any group when you login will show you what was said in the hour before your session started.
Linden Lab intends to lengthen amount of time that group history is saved for, after initial testing.

You can download the Genesis Nightly Build 689 from

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