Monday, March 27, 2023

Genesis Change Log R5

 Genesis:  A high performance, low memory footprint 1.23 style, Third Party Viewer for Windows 10/11.

An active participant in Linden Lab's  Second Life, Third Party Viewer program.

Nightly Builds

March 28th, 2023 (764 Release Candidate)

-Active Speaker panel to the right of local chat floater is open by default.  How the user sets it will be remembered and persist. (Close by clicking << )

- Search & Replace Links (Search & Delete) is now live.

- Added Group Notice position Left, Middle, Right, to Preferences (Genesis tab).  Default to right.

- Groundwork for 1.5 Release

March 26th, 2023 (759)

- Active Speaker side panel in local chat box will now persist through relog to its last setting on/off.
Before this feature appears in Preferences you can test it via Debug: 

Group Notice set to Middle
- New feature, nominate where Group Notices open, top left, middle, or top right (currently in debug to test).
Before this feature appears in Preferences you can test it via Debug: 
GenxGroupNotifyPos: Set the position of group notifications (0 = top right, 1 = top left, 2 = top middle)

March 25th, 2023 (755)

Hit Boxes for combat players,  Shift + Alt + B
A portion of code for this feature is courtesy of Firestorm.

March 22nd, 2023 (753)

- Don't record group notices to genesis log they are of no use. 

March 21st, 2023 (752)

- Adjusted width of Search and Replace floater to accommodate message length.  Otherwise, no other issues with this feature have been reported thus far. 

March 16th, 2023 (750)

Significant New Feature: Search and Replace Links (and Search and Delete Links).

The ability to bulk search and replace inventory links through-out your entire inventory.

A scenario of use: Saved outfits that contain a link to a mesh body that has since been updated, where you want to replace every instance of that old link with a new link to the updated body, in all saved outfits in your entire inventory that contain the old link.

Since the start of this month we have been working on this feature.  We have now tested it internally as much as we possibly can and we are releasing it into the nightly build, but with it defaulting to disabled.

Experienced Genesis users can now test its functionality.    Please do not enable this feature unless you are willing to test it and possibly suffer inventory problems, that our extensive alpha testing failed to identify.  We suggest you test this first using an Alt account.

We have rigorously tested this feature on the beta and main grid using multiple accounts and we have reached a point where we now need the assistance of experienced Genesis Nightly build users to confirm that everything is working as it should.

Security added to this feature in recent days and now available in Build 750:

- Prevent viewer from accepting user input when replace links is running.
- Permit only one instance of replace links at a time.
- Do not allow close window during process.
- Display a wait message whilst processing.
- Add replace links to contextual menu.
- Added ability to replace -OR - delete links.
- Avoid double click on replace.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please do not attempt to enable this feature on any version prior to Build 750, as it will NOT contain the fixes listed above and may break your inventory.

 We have taken every reasonable precaution we can to ensure this feature is safe to use. To opt-in to test this feature, in debug change:    
GenxReplaceLinksFeature: Enable the replace links feature (Don't activate it!!)  -  to True.

March 15th, 2023 (749)

Final testing of new feature before making it available in Nightly for wider testing.  You will need to opt-in when this becomes available for wider testing.

March 14th, 2023 (743)

More fine tuning for continuous testing, ahead of launching new feature to the test cycle.  Feature is not live in this nightly build.

March 11, 2023 (735)

Back-end. Continuous testing throughout this period ahead of rolling out a new feature.

March 5, 2023 (733)

- Back end preliminary work: Find links (part 1/3 of internal test routine ready to go to wider test).

- New Feature: Customise your friendship requests in Prefs > Adv. Chat.

When left blank the friendship message will default to, "Would you like to be my friend?" (in the language you use).  You can permanently override the default friendship message here in Adv. Chat tab.

- Fixed " typing bug", when the user is not typing.  However if they press space-bar and nothing else, ' typing', will display until one of you closes the chat IM.

February 27, 2023 (722)

- Fixed FPS read-out (when activated) appearing in snapshots.

- Changed reset value debug for RenderVolumeLODFactor from 1.0 to 2.5 which is already the default when using the low/mid/high sliders.

- Fixed typo's on cache start up and changed some

- Added new Genesis Team members, as shown in their profiles, in the account type box.

- Graphics Quality preset gestures are now available. You can create as many graphics settings as you like, by using the /setdebug gestures. Demonstration settings are now available from the Genesis store located at:

February 20, 2023 (714)

- New Feature, Right clicking a persons name in their profile opens a menu of options.  AR option now auto fills their name in for the report.

- You can also AR an IM or Group IM, by right clicking the users name in the chat.

-  Group chat history, fetch group history only if it's not a P2P session

-  Code clean up for removal of  Opensim routines including the now redundant:  ImagePipelineUseHTTP and UDP defaults set True on some settings, none of which are used in Second Life.

- Filed SL Jira  Requesting a clear indication of start and end of Recent IM group history chat on server side, for further refinement of this new feature.  Otherwise we will code it in to Genesis ourselves, but would prefer Linden took the hit their end instead of us introducing code viewer-side to compensate.  Every little helps!

February 15, 2023 (708)

-  Reinstated: Drag and Drop inventory from one tab to another.
How it works:   Left click the item or folder you want to move from "Recent Items" and with the mouse button still pressed move it over the "All Items" tab.  This will switch tabs, and whilst still holding the mouse button, you can now drag the mouse to the folder you want to drop the items into.

- Added Movelock Hud to Marketplace:

Genesis Change Log R9

An active participant in Second Life's Third Party Viewer Program.